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If you plan to get married, remember there is a civil and a religious side to the wedding: 
For the religious side, you should see the priest at least six months’ before your preferred date so that paperwork and preparation can be completed. Do not make any bookings until you have spoken to a priest.


You should see your parish priest even if you intend to get married elsewhere. It is your local church that normally completes the paperwork. 

You will need to provide some documentation – a Catholic, for example, needs to supply a new copy of the baptism certificate (made within six months of the wedding), confirmation certificate and a sworn affidavit to show that you free to marry. The priest will explain what is needed. 

If one of you has been married before, then this will need to be looked at before you can proceed. Please see Fr Nicholas and he can advise you both. 


If a Catholic is marrying a non-Catholic there should be no problem, although the paperwork is slightly more involved. A Catholic should get married in a Catholic church unless permission is received to marry elsewhere. As our faith is a precious gift, the Catholic partner promises to do all they can within the unity of the marriage to continue practising their faith and that any children will be brought up as Catholics. 

You need to attend a marriage preparation course – the priest will give you details. 

For the civil side, you will need to make an appointment with your local Register Office to give notice of your intention to marry. For those living in the Borough of Hillingdon this at the Civic Centre in Uxbridge ( They will issue the necessary licence, without which the wedding cannot take place. There is a small fee for this.


For more information about the Marriage Preparation Classes 2024, click here.


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